Super Juice Master 5000 (Soundtrack)

by Monomer



The soundtrack to the iOS arcade game "Super Juice Master 5000" from Metaversal Studios! SJM5k was a short-cycle project I served as producer and audio dood on, and it was a freakin' blast. The game had a lot of references to other sci-fi media in it, thus the track names here do the same.

For those curious, "...And Lots Of It!" was the first track written for the game and it set the style of the music; while it was deemed too energetic at first, and the slower pieces were then written, we liked it enough that we still found a way to get it back in the game. MORE JUICE!

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"A long time from now in a galaxy far, far....well actually, it takes place on Earth... Anyway, it is the future, and alien invaders have enslaved the human race. The only thing keeping them from wiping humanity from planet Earth is your ability to make delicious juice beverages. Should you fail in your quest to create these juices, they will not hesitate to destroy us all!"


released October 9, 2013

Album art by Pete Calabria

All tracks written and produced by Gavin Allen (Monomer)

Vocal samples on "...And Lots Of It!" courtesy of Bradford Hastings.

Tracks available for stream only with permission from Metaversal Studios.



all rights reserved


Monomer Seattle, Washington

Game designer, composer/sound designer, musician... cooking enthusiast...

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Track Name: Overseer Pulpp's Inspirational Message To New Factory Employees

Greetings fortunate-yet-pitiful humans.

Today, you are presented with a glorious and generous opportunity to ensure the survival of your worthless species.


Juice well, or your species will be [NO TRANSLATION AVAILABLE] for your incompetence.


We wish you good luck, and happy juicing!